Thursday, May 6, 2010

Of Blogs and Tortoises

Authonomy Update: 82 Yea!

You know what I really like about blogging?

All the cool blogs there are to read out there.

I just found another new one: Hot Diggity! by Jenna Glatzer. She is totally laugh-out-loud hilarious...

And...she's promoting this cool book that she co-wrote:

Unthinkable by Scott Rigsby.

It's about a double leg amputee who "on October 13, 2007, after arduous training, he became the first double-leg amputee using prosthetics ever to cross the finish line in the sporting world’s most grueling and prestigious event, the Ford Ironman World Championship triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii."

Talk about an inspirational story! Check it out! She is giving away an autographed copy of his book. The contest rules are stated on her blog.

Another thing I like...

Our two Russian Tortoises.


I know, I know. When we first got them, I was totally like ewww...

Now I think they're pretty cool.

Except the other day, when one of them disappeared in the yard and we couldn't find her. We looked for four days, and then yesterday, she appeared. Happily munching on the dandelions that have pervaded our grass. Whew!!

We were telling one of Annika's friends about chasing the turtles, and he said, "C'mon, do you really chase turtles?"

I guess I'm pathetically slow. Really. Those buggers are quick!

Maybe I'll slap a video of them up here and you can see for yourself how fast they are...

Oh, by the way, things I don't like:

Spiders. Definitely spiders.

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