Thursday, May 13, 2010


Authonomy Update: 74. Woot! Woot! Seriously, I am super stoked. Pray that an agent spots it soon.

So, Nathan Bransford's blog today talks about the importance of condensing your plot into three short pitches.

First, the one sentence stripped down, rattle it off to save your life pitch.

Next, the one paragraph with just a little bit of wiggle room teaser.

Finally, the two paragraph, breathe a little but don't completely exhale the plot summary.

I've whittled Pearl's pitch into the following:

One Sentence:

When the Norse god world collides with a Montana cowboy community, four teens discover that more than just the fate of Yellowstone National Park is at stake.

One Paragraph:

When twins Iven and Olivia Taylor show up at Mia Holden’s Montana high school near Yellowstone National Park, they set loose the turbulent world of Norse mythology -- a place where gods reign, giants destroy, best friends lie, and worlds end. Oh, and where love between humans and gods is forbidden. Which is a problem. Especially when Mia discovers what her best friend has known his entire life.

Two Paragraph:

When twins Iven and Olivia Taylor move to Mia Holden’s Montana cowboy community, not only is the turbulent world of Norse mythology set loose, but Iven and Mia are thrown into a relationship hindered by murderous Frost Giants, jealous Norse gods, and, perhaps scariest of all, High School.

As the end of the Norse god world looms and Frost Giants threaten to destroy Yellowstone National Park, Iven and Mia find that risking their lives is nothing compared to risking their hearts in a place where love between humans and gods is forbidden. Especially as Mia discovers what her best friend, Tait, has known his entire life.

And "still my favorite" one sentence:
Mia’s prince is really a Norse god, and the end of the world is ruining her happily ever after.

In other news....
Pearl Edda 2 (which totally needs a real title) is coming along nicely. Those Frost Giants just don't know when to quit....


  1. Hi! I enjoyed your bravery and writing over at Nathan's blog yesterday and following you to your blog, and,learning more about your novel, am fascinated! Best of luck on this exciting work.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Anon. The one page crit was quite the ride, and I'll blog about it soon. Let me know if you get a chance to read Pearl.

  3. Hey, found your blog through Nathan's. Liked your story and good luck on Authonomy. I've been there too. Making it to the editors desk is tough, but worth it if you get a good crit and you never know...

    good luck.