Monday, July 11, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

On Saturday's blog, I mentioned my new favorite author, Ann Voskamp. I'm totally intrigued by her writing. It's vivid, unexpected and riveting.

Awhile ago, Ms. Voskamp started what she calls Multitudes on Monday. A time for listing and counting the blessings of life. A time to give thanks for the minute, as well as, the abundant. She challenges her readers to find one thousand of these.

I'll admit I'm a glass half empty person. I tend to see all sides of a situation and dwell on what if's. But, I'm going to try this. At least for awhile. On Mondays.

Will I make it to one thousand? I don't know. But today's, the first ten, will be no-brainers. Easy.

1. an incomparable God who gives unspeakable joy

2. a crazy-talented, God-seeking man who has loved me for over two decades

3. two amazing, creative, sensitive and smart kids who still let their mom hug them

4. a non-leaking roof over our heads, especially during this summer of rain

5. jobs that pay for that roof and food for those kids

6. a church community who comes every week to listen, learn, and absorb

7. an extended family who supports, laughs, cries and allows us to be who we are

8. friends who break bread with us

9. good health in the grand scheme of life, even with medical issues

10. our basic needs met on a daily basis

I am blessed.


  1. oh, it's addicting . . . i predict you'll make it to 1,000! enjoy!

  2. Welcome to Multitudes on Mondays. I'm fairly new also and I agree with Shana above, it is addicting. I'll admit I've always been a glass is have "full" kind of person but writing down all we have to be thankful for has changed to way I take each day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. "a crazy-talented, God-seeking man who has loved me for over two decades" - wow, thanks - speaking of 2 decades -
    So what should we do for our anniversary?

    Oh, and you are crazy talented in all those things I am terrible at, so together we make a really good team :)