Monday, April 12, 2010

the query process

Pearl Edda is rising on the Authonomy Charts. Today it's at 151. I'm hoping to get under the 100 mark soon. Yea!

I sent four query emails today to different literary agents. It's quite the process.

First, I go onto a site called Query Tracker ( It brings up a list of agents who are interested in my genre (Young Adult Fantasy) and who accept unsolicited queries.

Once I find an agent who looks compatible (who knew there were so many agents out there?), I go to their agency website and nose around to see if they are truly a potential fit.

Then, I search his/her name on a site called Preditors and Editors ( This site is designed to weed out those agents who are shady (preditors) and recommend those who are excellent (editors). I look to see if the agent is recommended and if he/she has any other distinguishing accolades.

Then, I go back to the agent's website and look at the submission guidelines. They're all different. Some want just a short letter with the pitch and a bio. Others want to see a few pages. Each email needs to be tailored to the specific agency (and make sure you don't add anything to what they want).

Finally, I put it all into an email and send with a prayer.

And then the waiting begins....

On another note, today is Britta's 9th birthday! On the charts for good parenting, I allowed her to wear eyeshadow and liner to school. :)

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  1. Heidi - so awesome that you put this kind of info out there for other aspiring authors to read! I continue to be excited to watch this journey of yours unfold...may God CONTINUE to bless the process!