Monday, December 19, 2011

In Excelsis Deo

When Annika was little, she made an angel out of two clear plastic balls (one for the body and one for the head). White lace, curly blonde hair, gold halo and wings completed this creation of which she proudly presented to me.

I, of course, oohed and ahhed like any good mom.

A few years later, she stuck that angel right at eye level at the center of our Christmas tree. At the same time, she declared it looked just like her Momma. (Keep in mind, the two very round balls...the one for the body much bigger and rotund than the one for the head.)

I very discreetly moved the angel to the back of the tree.

Well, not so discreetly.

In fact, quite forcefully while ignoring my daughter's dismay. (I know, not my finest parenting hour.)

This year, we waited to put up the tree until just a few days before Christmas. Then we were too tired to decorate it, so we decided to wait until the morning.

But the morning got busy with last minute crossings off of lists and children who slept in because they could, so as I left for work, I pleaded, "Please just decorate the tree while I'm gone."

They did.

A wonderfully, gloriously bejeweled tree greeted me when I got home.

And I appropriately oohed and ahhed like any good mom.

But I guess I didn't look very closely, because when I went to turn off the lights this evening, guess what was stuck right at eye level in the center of the tree?

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  1. awwww....she's super cute!

    what a nice memory. And I'm so impressed that they decorated the tree for you! This past year, I ignored tree decorating...I pulled out other things, little by little...dishes, garlands and swags, knick knacks. One Saturday afternoon in early December, my fabulous family got going on the tree and it was fun doing it on their initiative.